When we find Wholeness, we enjoy inner peace, true health, and spiritual growth...


What is Wholeness?

german_boyIt seems so simple we overlook it, yet so complex we don’t see it. It guides our health, pulls us to physical maturity, and directs our genetic expression. Without wholeness we have disorder and disease; with it we have clear emotional intuition and spiritual guidance. When it’s lost, we suffer anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. When it’s found, we enjoy inner peace, true health, and spiritual growth. A wide range of recent discoveries in science and medicine have coalesced to the point where we can now envision a new model of health and spirituality: wholeness. Learn More


I try to support and encourage my patients by recognizing their strengths.  The style I use is one of partnership and collaboration.  I see each person that I work with as an equal; together we explore the issues that concern you.

My professional focus revolves around making a bridge between the best of mainstream psychiatry and non-mainstream treatment modalities.  Alternative and complementary modalities have much to offer people in the way of treatment options.  I work to find the best treatment options for each individual by matching his or her needs, beliefs, and preferences with the safest and most effective treatment plan. Learn More

Dr. Shannon’s Background

Scott_ShannonScott’s connection with natural health care started in Tucson as an undergraduate in the University of Arizona’s Honors Program.  In the mid 1970s, Scott met Andrew Weil, M.D., who became a friend and mentor.  While a medical student there, Scott became a founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association.

Following medical school, Scott worked for four years as a general practitioner in rural Arizona, where he incorporated natural modalities.  During this time, he also delivered babies and worked a regular shift in the emergency room. 

From rural Arizona and Calvin Medical Wesy Valley City, Scott next moved to New York to finish his general psychiatry residency at a Columbia Hospital program.  While there, Scott developed an interest in children.  This interest led him to the University of New Mexico’s Child Psychiatry Fellowship.  Learn More