What is Wholeness?

german_boyIt seems so simple we overlook it, yet so complex we don’t see it. It guides our health, pulls us to physical maturity, and directs our genetic expression. Without wholeness we have disorder and disease; with it we have clear emotional intuition and spiritual guidance. When it’s lost, we suffer anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. When it’s found, we enjoy inner peace, true health, and spiritual growth. A wide range of recent discoveries in science and medicine have coalesced to the point where we can now envision a new model of health and spirituality: wholeness. Learn More

These principles of wholeness go well beyond human health; together they form a guiding principle for all of nature. A primary tenet of wholeness honors the innate drive to order and balance found in all living systems. From the simplest cell to the most complex ecological systems, we can see this clear pattern. All living organisms or systems seek to express their complete maturity and strive to maintain internal balance and order. Wholeness describes this broad foundation of existence that we find everywhere. It reflects the powerful, fundamental drive of the universe to reach full completion and higher order. Wholeness and life itself are closely interwoven.

These new ideas come from many different areas of science and medicine. Systems theory, holography, self-organizing and self-correcting networks, holistic medicine, non-linear mathematics, and deep ecology contribute depth and credibility to the principles of wholeness. All of this stands on the shoulders of our growing knowledge in biology, medicine, physics, psychiatry, and chemistry, much of which makes more sense in the context of wholeness. When brought together, these ideas form a deeper understanding of how we find physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual harmony in our interconnected web of life.

Wholeness transforms the wisdom from this new paradigm of science into a practical language for your personal growth and spirituality. For example, this view dramatically shifts our understanding of what is the nature of illness and what is the nature of health. This new understanding offers useful information about how we can find true personal happiness and our full spiritual expression. For too long we have been locked in a view of human nature that is restrictive and spiritually impoverished. Wholeness provides the frank optimism of profound insights that free us from these unneeded restrictions.

After twenty-five years of working as a family medical doctor, psychiatrist, acupuncturist, and student of holism, I have found a few central principles that stand out. These principles increasingly guide my clinical decisions and the professional recommendations that I make in my practice. Over the years, these concepts have grown from the intersection of this new scientific viewpoint and my practical reality of working with people in need. These important principles of wholeness include:

  • We are born whole.
  • We exist simultaneously on many levels (i.e., body-mind-spirit), which are interconnected and synergistic.
  • When these levels of our being are communicating and in harmony, we are whole. This is true health.
  • Our wholeness innately pulls us to maturity and completion on each level. Spiritually, we call this process guidance or grace.
  • In our journey to adulthood, most of us make some choices that gradually reduce our wholeness. These are choices that conflict somehow with our core values.
  • These barriers to wholeness reduce our vitality, well-being, and inner guidance. They can occur on any level of our being.
  • We move naturally back to wholeness as we remove these barriers. Effective care and treatment must focus on the levels of our being which are least whole.
  • Following simple guidelines for body, mind, and spirit supports our rapid return to wholeness.
  • Our spiritual beliefs represent our most flexible and powerful tool for personal transformation.

As complex being, we function on many interconnected levels at once. While our physical body is digesting our lunch, we may feel angry because of an earlier conflict and at the same time we may be sorting out mentally how we want to respond. Simultaneously, our spiritual beliefs will guide many of our emotional and mental reactions. All of these factors will in turn affect our digestion and blood pressure. Although our medical science clearly documents this interconnection, it ignores it. We do exist as body-mind-spirit, yet somehow we can lose the vitality of this conjunction on our road to adulthood.

At birth our body, our mind, and our spirit, although primitive, interconnect fully as one. This inborn wholeness was truly innate and natural. We can honor the complexity of who we are and regain our wholeness on all levels. In this process you will connect more strongly with your spiritual self and also naturally settle into a deeper state of physical, mental, emotional, and social balance as well. Simply put, you will become more vibrantly and more fully who you are.

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